What to Expect

Our goal is to keep you comfortable during your massage. Here are some things you can expect.


My main goal is to make you feel comfortable, so when it comes to what to wear for a massage, I recommend workout shorts for males and a sports top and lycra shorts or running shorts for females. This doesn't mean the massage has to be done this way. I have many clients who want to be clothed or want to receive the massage as they would during a relaxation session. That is your preference.

Length of Massage time

You may be paying for a one hour massage, but I give you much more time than that. At the beginning of our session, whether it's our first or thirty-first, I will ask what's been going on for you physically prior to our appointment: where is the pain, what is your daily activity, changes in stress or diet, etc.

Based on what you share, I will have a better idea of what areas need more focus than others and how to allot our time. At the end of our session, I will explain what I discovered as I worked.


My work is based on the principles of James Waslaski from the Center for Pain Management. A 12-step protocol is followed to correct even the most complicated knee conditions. The protocol goes something like this:

Client History
Active Range of Motion Testing
Passive range of motion testing
Resisted Range of motion testing
Area Preparation
Myofascial Warming and treatment
Trigger point and gliding compression
Multidirectional cross fiber friction
Pain free movement
Eccentric Movement
Stretching and Strengthening

All of this protocol is done in the office except for the strengthening and self-care portion. I refer people to local personal trainers and physical therapists for this work. I have a great referral network for many reasons. On the list are Personal trainers, physical therapists, chiropractors, physicians and others. There are some cases where another provider can solve the problem quickly when it's not covered under my license. Also, I ask my clients to go to someone to prescribe their stretching and strengthening self-care.